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Opals needed

To those who cut or deal in opals…

I am looking for a supplier of crystal opal. The material I am
looking for is absolutely clear, but with a strong flash of
color.�have seen material like this from Australia, and I have been
told that similar material is being found in Brazil. I am only
looking for a few stones at the moment, but would like to find
someone who can supply these on a regular basis.

I am also looking for a 16X12mm oval opal with fairly intense color
play to replace a crazed stone in a client’s pendant. Not crystal.

Thought I’d contact you folks before Tucson, while stocks are high.
If you can help, contact me off list. I can always send you the
client’s stone to “match.”

Douglas Zaruba

Doug, Try Simon at Firebird Opal,

Joel Schwalb