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Opal's Bad Luck Rep

I have heard that the reason opal has the “bad luck” reputation is
based on a popular 19th century novel by Sir Walter Scott where the
plot involved the demise of the heroine and an opal ring.

However, I think there is some merit to the idea that opals are bad
luck in jewelry due to the fragile nature of the stone. Some opals
dry out, they are easily broken and subject to abrasion. So, opals
in certain types of jewelry (like rings) are really a risky business.

However, my most expensive piece of jewelry is an inlaid opal ring:)
I only wear it on special occasions, like a fancy dinner out, as
I’ve already had to replace one of the opal inlay pieces. I love it,
in spite of it’s drawbacks! Sometimes the overhead of great beauty
is worth it.

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