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Opals and fire agates at Tucson

Hi All,

I’m heading to Tucson for the first time in many years and was
looking for some direction on where I might find some good deals on
fire agates and boulder opals.

I’m looking for unusual un calibrated gems in general and was hoping
to get some leads on where to look while in Tucson.

David Agronick
David-Brooks Goldsmiths
Hallowell Maine

Hi, there a few dealers who come from Lightning Ridge that deal in
boulder as well as the black opal from Lightning Ridge. They are as
follows Absolute opals and gems, Down to Earth opals, and they both
have booths in the GJX and also in the tent at The Days Inn, if
either of them don’t have what you need they will be only to happy to
guide you to another who may have just the thing.

They are both opal dealers who mine as well as buy on the field.
Can’t help you with the fire agate though,

While I am on about Tucson, check out my friend Danniella who will
be doing free carving demo’s with opal, she will be at the Days inn
inside the large tent also, she will have some lovely examples of
fine carved opal from Lightning Ridge on display.

Happy New year to you all

Christine from the Ridge where it is a lovely mild summers day. which
is vey unusual for mid summer here.

Hi David,

I don’t know about fire agates but I love the boulder opals cut by
Kevin and JoAnne Dowdy. I haven’t heard yet where they will be. Kevin
cuts some beautiful boulder, look him up. I think the only name they
use is Kevin and JoAnne Dowdy - Australian Boulder Opal.


David; Here is another endorsement of Kevin and Jo Anne, Good prices
and good materials all boulders. They are always in the back
building at Roadway for jumpstart and at GJX. They save the best for
GJX though. As for fire agates I think the Mexican dealers on the
lawn in front of Howard Johnsons have them. If you really want top
grade (100.00 ct) kind of stuff there is a guy in the hallway of the
motel itself at holidome who has the best. The mexicans are much more