Opals and epoxy

Hi all! I’ve attempted to avoid glue with opal triplets, but found
that if there was no epoxy, the stone ended up with a ‘foggy’ spot
after only a few days of wear. Maybe this had to do with a bad
batch of Opal Triplets? The advice I had been given lead me to
believe that Triplets were more durable than regular opals.

Thanks for advice, in advance!

hello Triplets can be more durable if worn correctly and the peson is
educated on them…for example they should be set in a clsoed back
setting with epoxy and a natural bezel if possible…this keeps fluids
out like soaps when washing hands…and air etc…the stone can become
foggy if it is a bad triplet or if the glue layer is broken
down…they need to be sealed when set…that is the best advice…a
natural solid opal stone is still the BEST overall for longetivity…
jeff www.australianopals.com


Does the glue that is used for laminating doublets and triplets react
with Attack? Also, I was wondering if there is anything that should
not be soaked in Attack.

Marta in Sunny Sacramento

Yes, Marta – doublets and triplets react with and should not be
soaked in Attack. I dont think there are any of the glues uwed for
this purpose that will not be attached by Attack.