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“Thank you” to the person who put a name to my
affliction…apparantly I am an “Opalholic”. I thought I was unique
in my “opalholism”. How much Opal jewelry can you make and wear,
after all? Guess I should start a local chapter of “OA”.

FYI: If there are any other silica junkies in the Nashville area,
please note that there will be an antique auction on November 11th,
which will include the last 38 pieces of the Leona Peterson Collection
of Opal jewelry. Originally 350 pieces, it included some rare and
exquisite gems collected from around the world by her husband from
1900 to 1954, and when they are gone this collection will be no more.
I am not affiliated with the auction company. If interested, contact
me offline for their phone #.


at the last gem show i attended, in Santa Rosa, a vendor had some
beautiful aqua opal from Peru… i bought some beads as well as
cabs, and some cabs that were pink opal… does anyone know
anything more about these ???

they are so pretty…some are pretty solid aqua, some have brown and
some have webby marks…


Jim, don’t -ever- try to recover from your addiction!

Opals aren’t like drugs or alcohol…they’re much more dangerous.

You’ll do best to aim for moderation. Attempting to beat Opalholism
will only make things worse! (Soon you’ll be sneaking out in the
middle of the night to score a few knobbies from your
supplier…spending your pet food budget on Crystal…traveling to
Australia to “watch the Olympics”, and then pretending you thought
the marathon was going to be run in Coober Pedy. Who do you think
you’re fooling?! It’s an ugly cycle. Don’t let it happen to -you-!


Hi Pat, The material you are describing sounds like the Peruvian or
Andean blue opal that was discussed on orchid a few weeks ago. It is
a very pretty light blue color. When my new website is completed I
should have some pictures of that material. Diane

coming soon:
still closing: