Opal source

hello everybody,

does anyone know of a good source of opals gems and rough?

thankx ahead of time!

** Hanuman Response **

Contact goldrush@starband.net from Opalopal.com, they offer special
rates for Orchid members - Orchid members should login Opalopal.com
from opalopal.com

Hope it helps

We buy all of our boulder opals from Robert Shapiro. Email me off
list if you want an address.

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.

Susannah, I have found Opals by Tibara to be very helpful for rough,
as well as excellent advice on cutting. (http://www.opal-tibara.com/)
Tim and Barbara Thomas are very knowledgeable and will send parcels
for your inspection via mail. Keep what you want and return what you
don’t. They have rough from all the major Australian regions, white,
black, and boulder. Very pleasant people, you can meet them at the
Tucson Gem Show, where their booth in the Holidome is packed with lots
of goodies.

I hope this helps, Keith Berge