Opal Photography

Has anyone had success getting good opal photographs with a video
still camera? I have found that white based opals especially tend
to glow an orange in normal light. This takes away from the opal
colors and makes the entire background bright. This must have
something to do with the fact that video cameras are more sensitive
to IR than film cameras.

Any ideas? We are about to invest in an expensive film negative
scanner to make usable images.


Hi Tom,

There’s an image on my Web site of a boulder opal set in14k. I
shot it, along with some of the others, with my Sony digital
camera . When you click on the thumbnail you’ll see a larger
image, where I have inset a shot of the same piece at a different
angle, showing the difference in the fire.

I’m not saying this shot will get me into a juried show, but I was
reasonably pleased with the outcome. :slight_smile:


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)