Opal Cutting made Easy

I just finished a book by Paul B. Downing called “Opal Cutting Made
Easy”, and it was very interesting and exciting. As a result of
reading his book and purchasing some Opal rough at the Dallas Gem
Show, I’m ready to indulge. He mentioned that he teaches classes on
Opal cutting in North Carolina, but there was no mention of how to get
hold of him. Does anyone have his email address. Thanks in advance,

Paul Downing’s Web Address is: http://www.paulbdowning.com

We sell opal rough and deal with a lot of beginners and this is THE
book that we recommend for them. We have a few copies for sale at $
8.00 each plus $ 2.50 for shipping and handling or Mr. Downing sells
this book and all of his other opal books and videos on his web site.

We are happy to offer advice and help for beginners if you run into
any difficulties.

You can contact us by using this address:

or email us at:

Hi Randy, this is Terri Collier from the Pleasant Oaks Club and we
meant at the InterGem. Paul Downing has a website
http://www.pauldowning.com . He also had a new book coming out called
“Advanced Cutting & Setting”. It will be released in December, but
you can order a pre published copy from his website.

Hope this helps…happy cutting!

Terri Collier

Terri’s Place
Dallas, TX

Randy. Paul is now retired in Estes Park, Colorado, and has closed his
opal cutting, opal rough selling and teaching businesses in favor of
fly fishing (I dadgummed well don’t blame him!!! Wish I could!!!) and
other pleasurable pursuits. He used to teach at a retreat called
Wildacrees in week long workshops. I took his class twice and it was
a joy!

You might call Suzanne Wagner at William Holland School of Lapidary
Arts in Young Harris, GA, (or see their webby at
http://www.alltel.net/~lapidary ) They teach week-long classes and
will be having an opal cutting class next week, I believe. See their
website for their complete schedule of classes.

Hope this helps…
Hale Sweeny

 He also had a new book coming out called "Advanced Cutting &

I just got this new book last week it leans more toward the setting
and design than to the cutting. I found it very interesting but then
I find anything about opals very interesting. Mike

Dear Randy I happen to have a rather old print of Paul B. Downing’s
book “Opal Cutting Made Easy” (1984), but according to this PBD is a
Professor of Economics at Florida State University. You might try
their home page. The book is published by Majestic Gems & Carvings,
3412 Monitor Lane, Tallahassee, FL. They might also know his

Hope this helps.

Kind regards from coooold Denmark
Niels L�vschal, Jyllinge, Denmark