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Oops, I broke your Tanzanite!

One reason this jeweler is in a bind is that our industry sells
"sentimental value". It is the force behind mother’s rings, three
stone rings (Yesterday, today, tomorrow…) and many other
purchases. You can’t work it both ways, using this concept to sell,
then ignoring it’s existence when it is inconvenient. Denying the
sentiment attatched to this stone is the wrong solution, no matter
how unreasonable she is being. Acknlowledge the importance of the
item she entrusted you with. I especially like the idea of recutting
the broken stone and setting it in a simple pendant at no charge.
This will go far in re-establishing the relationship, and might make
her more willing to accept a reasonable alternative stone as
replacement. Even if she had signed a release on the take-in
paperwork (wich really is good policy) stating that you were in no
way responsible for damage while working on her fragile stone, you
would need to go the extra mile here. We work in a bussiness that
requires the perception of honesty and trustworthyness. You would be
better off in the long run doing whatever it takes to re-establish
that perception. Sometimes it will be impossible, there are folks
out there who are very ready to beleive the worst about our
industry. She may be one of them, but you don’t know that yet. If
you plan to remain in business in that neighborhood, consider the
expense an investment in your reputation. And good luck! Marggi

Hello Orchidland, First of all, I hope that those of you who have
been threatened by the raging fires are safe. Secondly, I agree with
Marggi Markowitz’s posting about re-cutting the stone and setting it
without charge. I recently set a boulder opal for a lady and (of
course!) it chipped as the bezel was being burnished down. There
was no way to replace it as it was an irregular shape and this is
KANSAS for goodness sakes. I re-worked the bezel a bit so that it
would conceal most of the chip and gave her the piece without
charge, explaning what had happened. Hey what else can you do, other
than the best you know. Judy in Kansas where fall is pretty much over
and it’s very gray. Sure wish Facilities would turn on the heat

Judy M. Willingham, R.S.
B.A.E. 237 Seaton Hall
Kansas State University
Manhatttan KS 66506
(785) 532-2936 FAX (785) 532-6944

Namaste Perhaps someone who has worked out a clear, comprehensive,
and ‘customer friendly’! Disclaimer, would like to post it here?
For Opals, or any other fragile stone: fine gold 0.1mm thick, under
and around the stone, seems to have a very helpful cushioning affect.

Love & Light