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 It just seems to me that so much goes through the
forum and is lost forever, perhaps there should be some way to
have more in deapth articles and features about techniques and

Dear Richard,

Well, we played a few times with the idea of compiling some
articles based on the Orchid’s material. There are almost 19,000
postings in the Orchid archives!!! How do you plane of reviewing
the material?!

I don’t agree that the that goes through the forum is
"lost forever". The Archives, big as they are, can be sorted by
date, author or subject. We are monitored and archived by and newsgroup. Searches can
be done through’s gateway at:

I do agree that there is always a place for improvement. Let me
know what you think.

Thank you all for helping making this small space on the net
such a great place to be in!!