Online Jewellery store - Who's is best

Hello All

I trust this will get a lot of responses.

Which upmarket retail jewellery store who also sells online has the
best most impressive and sophisticated website with purchase options
? Many of the top jewellery brands around the world are now selling
online. Mappin & Webb and many others and even Bulgari now have
webshops attached to their websites. I’m curious who you think has
the most impressive looking and best functioning website with
purchase options.

Phil W

Why would anyone buy jewelry on the web? One wants to hold the piece
and maybe try it on, one would assume…

Why would anyone buy jewelry on the web? One wants to hold the
piece and maybe try it on, one would assume... 

Thankfully for those of us who sell on the web, your assumption is
wrong! lol - many, many people in fact buy jewelry from the web.
Even expensive pieces. Personally, I would prefer to see/touch an
expensive piece, but would not mind at all buying less expensive
without. Reputable sellers will offer the ability to return if it
doesn’t fit or isn’t exactly what the buyer thought they were
getting. That said, so far I have never had an online customer wish
to return anything!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I don’t know if it fits your definitions of upmarket or impressive,
but I really like the Sundance Catalog’s jewelry section. It’s very
simple and easy, offers handmade items and I KNOW that many women
shop from there.

Mary Lu

I agree, Beth! Good thing, too, or I don’t think I would have sold
anything… I’m not high-end, but I did sell a 135$ necklace online
to someone in Chicago… what’s the likelihood of him coming down
south, coming to my town, and coming to my store, etc. etc… Slim
to none. But, since I’m on the web, he’s the one that bough it. It
was a one of a kind, too…

High end stuff sells well on the internet, too, look at Blue Nile,


I have found my online store front to be very valuable. I live in
rural Wisconsin. I have a basement studio, one local gallery and do a
few art shows a year. My online store front has added to all of that
greatly and made my little studio busy. My most expensive pieces
range from 300-400$ and I do not sell “fine” jewelry. I could not
have done all I have done without the internet. I now have customers
I have met exclusively online and they contact me directly without
going through a store front so there are no percentages I need to
share with anyone. It is wonderful. I did a custom order for a woman
in Athens Greece and never met her. I have sent orders to Greece,
Norway, UK, Singapore and Canada. I met a collector in the United
States who I send multiple pieces too and they keep what they want
and send the rest back. I have their credit card - obviously. Anyway
the internet is not the end all be all answer to sales but it has
turned my part-time business into full-time business and growing. So
I could not be happier. It is the future knocking. :slight_smile:


Dear Joy:

Is your online store Etsy or did you set up your own? I’m glad
you’re doing well, go girl…

Audie Beller of Audie’s Images-