[Online Chat] Jolyon Ralph

Hi all,

Coming Saturday, May 20th, 4PM London time, Jolyon Ralph of
MinDat.org will host a guest chat session with us. That is 8AM San
Francisco, 11AM New York and 1AM (Sunday) Melbourne. For
international times look at

Jolyon is from London and studied geology at Imperial College London
and had the foresight to combine his love for both minerals and
computers into a website which most of use on a weekly (or daily)
base. Although he’s not a gemmologist, he can provide some wonderful
insights on topics that need scientific explanation or anything else
a mineralogist would know that we don’t. Maybe we can finally close
the gap between mineralogy and gemmology. I’m sure you all have a
question for him.

As usual, you can find us at http://yey.be/chat/login.html (please
be early).

Hope to see you there,


I had never heard of Jolyon Ralph - Of course I immediately
bookmarked the site. I have been using another site that I suggest
you all also immediately bookmark:

The perfect companion site - excellent photos.