Onglette graver samples!

In these samples, which are in silver…(excuse the pin-holes)!

You will see how easy it is in using a simple Onglette #1 & #2
graver. I use the #1 graver to just cut the ‘rough out-line’. Then I
enhance the cutting with my favourite #2 graver.

As .925 silver is very soft to cut, I gotta make darn sure my hands
are steady at all times.

You can see I never use any measuring device to cut out a pattern.
Even in the “Star Setting”, this one pattern took me about 25
minutes. Again, I did all of the cutting prior to the setting of the

The ring with some stones in it, is called “Pre-Cutting”, as the
graver does all of the cutting prior to the setting of the stone. If
the stones were in the silver first, I’d be hitting all of the
girdles & it’d look like (you supply the letters)! Those patterns on
the silver rod are called “Azure”. Underneath each stone setting
hole is this pattern. Imagine the jeweller cutting those patterns
with a #6/0 saw blade or even the much talked about #10/0. But I
prefer the graver cutting best, this is my preference. But the
graver “face & bottom edge” has to be kept in above perfect shape at
all times! My choice of graver is the “E. C. Muller”. It is of a more
reliable metal & doesn’t wear down too fast under continuous
use…(just my own opinion). I still modify every graver, for that
particular bright-cutting project. That is why I may have about 15
gravers on hand! “Bright-Cutting” samples is my way of relaxing,
honestly! Gerry Lewy