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Onglette #1 & #2 Right-Sided Gravers!

Hello Everyone
Here is the (scanned) Diamond Setting essay that I have written a few days ago. Along with this are numerous photographs of the #1 & #2 gravers. Hoping all of the folks who have written to me now get the chance of seeing and reading this setting jpgs.
BTW, I’m going to send this on an other email, please bear with me,
Gerry Lewy!
Just found out I can’t submit my photocopied letter so I have to now rewrite it again in it’s full entirety.l of the folks who have written to me get to read it!.


Thanks gerry for taking the time to post these pictures ( worth more than a thousand words!)
And I’m sure thanks from all the many of us who have benefited from your generous and priceless teaching!

I’m not going to upstage anyone. But here is my version of Bezel Setting, but using a “Right-Sided Onglette, Graver #2” that is only finely tuned on the Right-Side. I use my tapping hammer, (not the reciprocating) to hammer down onto the stone. Once the metal is nicely touching, then I’ll Bright-Cut with no effort whatsoever! YES, I even Bright-Cut inside the Channel walls of a Channel-Set ring.
This is a learned skill, this alone took me YEARS to master all of the subtle nuances of using a Graver!
Gerry Lewy!