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One more unusual request

Thank you to everyone that has provided help on where to find unusual

I am still looking for SS Wrap Tites in 14x10mm and larger. As I
wrote before, Rio Grande has them but they are very high priced. How
about a silver supplier? Anyone know a good one?

I am now searching for SS cable in bulk and would like to buy from a
supplier directly instead of going through Rio Grande and paying
their retail/catalog markup. I am in search of 0.8 mm cable and 3 mm
cable that I can purchase by the foot or in spools.

I am working on some really creative things right now and soon hope
to have a line together as well as a more decent website.

Thanks in advance.
Andrea Streicher
Streicher Studios and A Beadable Feast
Original Sterling Silver and Fused Glass Jewelry

You can buy SS channel wire by the foot and make any size wrap-tites
you need. That should save you some $$ Ed

Hi Andrea - I work for Gardener Specialty Metals in RI. We are in
partnership with B.A. Ballou and manufacture Precious Metal Mill
Products for the Jewellry Trade. e.g. silver wire and sheet, gold ,
gold filled sheet, etc… You can reach me at GSM @1-401-884-5359. I
know a lot of people in the trade. Maybe I can help.

Carl Seadale