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... one more thing... (Artists' Way)

Hi again,

Hope I’m not abusing the bandwidth or your patience with this!
Several people expressed interest, which leads me to believe there are
probably others out there with interest, who did not express it.

One thing I neglected to point out is that The Artist’s Way is really
geared toward people who probably have full time jobs outside the
field of which they dream. They have always known they were creative
and had an artist buried deep inside, of whom they only catch
occasional glimpses. They somehow - and often ineffectively - try to
balance or combine what they feel they have to do (job) with what it
is they really want to do creatively. This causes frustration and
possibly resentment or other emotions, which are often disguised in
our minds and result in “blocks” to the natural creative flow of the

This program is not an encouragement to “throw it all away” and take
the big plunge. It’s really more about working within your bounds
while expanding them. Taking little empowering steps rather than huge
leaps. People who are already self-actualized artists may also benefit
from the program, but it’s really for those of us who are frustrated
or somehow hindered in our ability to live the life of an artist
within the space we currently occupy.

I think this paints a more accurate, broader picture than what I
might have described earlier. I was more “granular” on a specific
thought process in the earlier mail… and it was early in the morning
and I hadn’t had my first cup of tea. :slight_smile:

All the best,


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)