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[One More Book] Stone setting

Hi All, There is at least one other book on stone setting that has
not been mentioned. (besides Zeiss, Wykoff, and Wooding)

That would be “The Art of Diamond Setting” by Ray Schow. Pretty
pricey, as I recall - around $45 US. Covers a fairly narrow range of
settings. Square plate, Shield plate, Marquise plate, and Octagon
plate. Does the best job I’ve seen with those few settings. Almost
entirely done with drills, burs, files, and lots and lots of graver

It does not appear to have an ISBN, Copyright 1995 by Michael Schow

  • it appears to be a private press.

Diamond Publishing, 3439 N.E. Sandy Blvd. #121 Portland, OR 97232

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2003) 2207 Lucile Ave. Stockton, CA 95209 USA 209-477-0550