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On line privacy

Howdy Orchidians, I have a question.

I’ve been a member of Orchid for years, and I post. So occasionally
at a conference or workshop, someone will say, “Oh! Elaine Luther! I
know you from Orchid,” which is nice.

So now I have a blog and an e-commerce website and in support of the
blog I registered it with one of those websites-that-helps-you-find-

Anyway, the upshot is, between registering and creating bios on that
kind of site, and writing articles on I am
now much more “out there” on line than ever before.

And I admit, I am ever so slightly uncomfortable about it.

My question is:

How do other Orchidians deal with this issue?

Where do you draw the line?

How do you protect your privacy?

Or is this just the modern world and everyone does or should have an
on line presence and that’s that?

Thanks so much for your input,

Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


This is something our children don’t understand or I think, care

Once is made public on the net it is there for the
taking. You have no control over it. I remember when I was younger
my parents generation was distrustful about giving out
I thought it was just paranoia. (cold war stuff). Did you ever look
the back of your original SS card. It clearly stated “Not to be used
for identification”. Pretty funny now days…not.

Identity theft? Its a market now that they are actually insuring
for. My block policy has coverage to protect me and my family built
into it. I think this has become a way of life even for people who
don’t have a computer.

Anyhow, so much about us is available with ease that I
find it unnerving and try not to add to it any way I can. (My name
even comes up with a name search for Orchid posts. )


Elaine, the more your site address and email gets out there the more
the creepy people will bother you - it’s just cause and effect. I’d
suggest Googling yourself to see how much presence you do have. I
know for myself I have a guestbook on my website (sign it…) that
was discovered by spammers and every day I delete as many as 10
pieces of junk from it. I have a preview function, so they never see
the light of day. Yes, it’s a hassle, but it also gives me a perverse
pleasure - kind of like stomping on cockroaches…


SORRY, once you put your name and address (on-line address that is)
-line you are in the public domain. People can shout at you, curse,
disagree, anything that is not defamatory or threatening. Its a sad
sad world ain’t it???!!!

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry!