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On line galleries

Every now and then I get contacted by on-line galleries wanting to
list my work. My first instinct is to be skeptical, since this would
always cost me money and I have no assurance that this would result
in any sales at all. But I do talk to people who do very well
through online galleries. My question, I guess is: how would I judge
these places? Would it be worth $150 for a year of being listed? The
current one is a site called Artspace 2000.

Janet Kofoed

the question you could perhaps ask of the webspace provider is what
their sales:hit ratio would be. is there a lot of other advertising
on that site? if you like the layout of the site, and can see your
things posted there, it could be a selling point when it comes to
advertising through word-of-mouth (i.e. something to put on cards,
letterhead, etc), regardless of the number of sales through the site?
hopefully the least of answers from this wonderful forum! erhard.