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On Diamonds

On the topic of diamonds, I have a friend who was asking me some
questions about stones and metals and such. I’m not any kind of
expert on these, aside from “If you’re looking for a white metal look
for ‘the’ ring, you probably don’t want white gold with a higher gold
content than 14k cause dealing with plating will be too much hassle
down the line.”

So, here are my questions for all out there, opinions would be
greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

  1. He’s mostly looking at platinum. Are there any alloys to avoid? I
    keep hearing about the cobalt one… Which types are good? Markings
    to look for?

  2. On diamonds…does anyone know the difference in price between an
    Eightstar diamond and a regular one of comparable size and decent
    quality? Any opinions on the others (i.e. Heartstar, Hearts for
    Eternity, etc)? I’ve been saying he probably wants something at least
    H color, VS2, though knowing him he’d want to buy better. ;p There
    wouldn’t be a price issue really, except the girlfriend once gave him
    a warning about it a long while ago. ;D But he’d like the best

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile: