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Omega earring clips

Hello all, I foolishly offered to put Omega clips (sterling) onto
some earrings for a client who has custom ordered some of my work,
only to discover I don’t know how to attach them! The instructions
in the Rio Catalog have left me just as clueless …

Does anyone have access to any good directions for attaching an
Omega clip? I think I need pictures and diagrams and clear precise
step by step instructions!

Many thanks to you all,

Sadie, First, remove the pin the holds the clip to the base and
remove the clip from the base. Next silver solder the base to the
back of the earring. Then re-insert the clip into the base and then
push the pin through the holes in the base. Usually this pin has been
crimped on each end when it was manufactured. You will have to
re-crimp one end to hold it in place. Another technique, if you have
a Little Torch or similar, is to use a #2 or #3 tip and with a small
oxidizing flame, bead up the ends of the pin. This give you a
cleaner, smoother finish. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Sadie, You will love this sight! Professional Jeweler Magazine
presents a illustrated “lesson” each month, and I remember they had
one about Omega earring backs. And found it online! Here is the URL:

and here is their main page to search archives for anything else you
may want to know. have fun!

Thomas Blair CBJ* Island Gold Works Hilton Head Island SC @Island_Gold_Works
*Jewelers of America Certified Bench Jeweler

Hello Sadie: If there is nothing heat sensitive about the ear rings
and you can solder right onto them then my suggestion is this. Figure
out the exact position that you need to solder the omega back onto
the earring by holding it next to the earring and making a mark.
Remove the thin wire that runs through both pieces of the omega back.
Often the ends of this wire are smashed flat to keep it from coming
out so with some care you can smash it enough in the other direction
or just file away a bit so that it will slide out. I have pulled
replacement wire in silver and gold so I don’t mess with trying to
save the wire pin. Next pull the omega clip part out of the “Y"
shaped part that you will be soldering to the ear ring. Solder the
"Y” shaped part on your mark. Clean it up and put the omega part back
in place. If you saved the wire that was in it push it back through
and either bend it down or smash it out a bit so that it can’t fall
out. Another way that is kinda tricky is to ball up the end of the
wire with your torch. I hold the omega part in my third hand tweezers
and with a very very very hot flame it’s in and right back out. If it
takes longer than a split second to ball up the end then the heat
takes the spring out of the omega part and the clip is weakened. You
can use your pliers to tighten the clip some but if it has lost it’s
hardness it will not ever be as strong as it was. Of course if you
have a laser welder all your troubles are over. Michael R. Mathews
Sr. Victoria,Texas USA