Omega Chain

Can any one help me find a supplier for well made Omega Chains? I
have seen several Omega chains but they all seem to be poorly made.
Are there different methods of manufacturing these? Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

David M. Hibbs
Designs By David

Dear David, Try Silver City. They do an excellant job in Silver,
Two-tone, and Tri-Color. Their phone # is 1-800-869-0745

Louise @ Aquarius Custom jewlery


I’ve found that Herco is a great source for high quality Omega
collars. They have many different widths and types of metals
available. Their number is 1 800 227 3223.


Try Efune Brothers Inc. 5757 Alpha Road Suite 621 Dallas, Texas 75240
Phone: 800-356-0475 They are an excellent source for well made
Italian chains. The have been supplying the industry for about 15

Roger W. Kitchens

Have you tried Downeast Trading in Middlebury VT? I haven’t
specifically ordered Omegas from Downeast, but I know his overall
quality is very good. He deals only in Italian chain; no cheaply made
stuff. Contact: Downeast Trading Co., tel. 1-800-626-5700; fax (802)
388-6946 Daphne