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Olloclip iPhone for jewelry photography

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone out there who has used the
iPhone macro olloclip lens for jewelry photography would be willing
to share images of their results? Trying to decide if it’s worth
asking Santa for one!

Thank you! Holly

I’ve tried the Ollioclip lens with my iPhone and get okay results,
but get hotspots and glare I use the app Camera+ with my Nimbus Dome
or Cloud Dome and get fantastic results. Camera+ is a.99 cent app and
you can do so much with the image; zoom, crop, white balance,
enhance, and email. The Nimbus Dome stabilizes the smartphone and
evenly diffuses the light.

Jewelry photography has become so easy with the great cameras on
Smartphones. I haven’t used my good 12MG Canon camera since I got my
iPhone 4s. With the Nimbus Dome and my iPhone, I can take a picture
anywhere and anytime and edit right on my phone.

Photography has become actually FUN with smartphones and it is only
going to get better.

Contact me with any questions.

Try the smartphone add-on macro lens from Photojojo. (Photojojo.
com) It is cheap and good. I’ve been taking pictures of pieces that
are produced in our studio, for printing on appraisals, and just for
our records. Quick and easy- take a pictures and email it to myself,
file it away in the computer. I paid around $50.00 for the set which
includes macro, fish-eye and telephoto. You can buy them separately.
They come with a little magnetic ring which adheres around the
camera lens on the phone, so you can just pop the lens on and off.

(I took the picture below with it.)

Catherine Galloway


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How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…


Holly, I have used my loupe. I put my index finger through the loupe
cover shield, then grasp the iphone so the loupe is positioned in
front of the lens, focus, zoom to remove the vignette, and shoot.