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Oldtimers! - What is this patina?! "CAC Black Patina"

I found this old bottle in my metal & lapidary clubhouse down the street (how lucky am I?, yes there is such a clubhouse in my neighborhood).

I really liked the black patina it gave my silver. I have been doggedly searching the internet for this, and cannot find it.

Can you help me identify it?

It is aquamarine in color, and ventilation is absolutely required when using. The patina immediately goes to a pretty solid warm black.

It says “CAC Black Patina” and was manufactured or sold in Beverly Hills. I think it is old, because I doubt industrial manufacturing, or even supplies-selling, goes on in BH these days.

Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

The font on your patina resembles the Novacan brand of patinas used on metal in stained glass. Novacan

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the color and results indicate it could be a popular patina known either as Birchwood Casey or M20. This old bottle could be a proprietary blend, but the predominant part is likely to be M20. This is still available if you search “M20 patina” you will find it.

bmarhon, I noticed that too! Must be at least the same era! I’ll always have a fondness for clean, modern, san serif fonts.

Interesting thing is, the price label on that bottle seems to say “The Glass [something]” - so I bet you are on to something! Maybe I should call a stained glass shop - we do have one in town that’s been here for decades, and the guy running it would probably know… Thank you!!

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dlenglesculpture, thank you! Searched and found. I could always phone an outlet for the M20 too, and ask if they know whether it’s the same. :slight_smile: