Old trinkit kiln plug?

I just inherited an old trinkit kiln, its kinda dirty with some
enamel spills on the ceramic element there is some cloth around the
ceramic element, how do I clean this? the plug is an old plug from
the 60’s not polarized, like the old toaster plug, is there a new and
better way to plug this thing in, do they still make this kiln? I
saw a post where Marianne Hunter asked if there were new elements
for this studio Kiln? any info would be helpful, It does heat up.

Thanks for letting me play,


I just inherited an old trinkit kiln" 

you can use a thin coat of kiln wash on the surface of your trinkit
kiln. I still use the old plug. I am pretty sure this trinkit kiln
is not in production any longer, but you can still get the same type.
Thompson enamel sells a small one and I have a slightly larger
variety called a table top metal enameling kiln I got from a clay
kiln manufacturer. Let me know if you are interested in that size
and I will locate the manufacturer and address for you.

Jennifer Friedman
enamelist, jewelry artisan, ceremonial silver