Old Kiln - Safe to use?

Hi Everyone,

Someone gave me an old kiln. She doesn’t know if it works any more.
She said it’s been sitting, unused, in her garage for maybe 20 years
and it was maybe 20-30 years old when someone gave it to her. It
worked when she got it.

I am wondering if it is safe for me to plug it in and try. It is an
Allcraft Kiln. The metal label on it says: Allcraft Tool & Supply
Co., 15 W 45th Street, New York 36, NY.

Volts = 110
Phase = 1
Model = 88
Kilo = 1.3
Amp = 12

It has an old style electric cord and plug - like what I remember
from the 50’s - - fabric covered black cord, only 2 prongs on plug,
not polarized. Inside, the electric coils look intact but the bottom
row has popped out from the wall in one corner and it won’t stay
inside the channel when I try to stuff it back in. Nothing looks
frayed or broken though.

Does anyone know anything about this kiln model? Should I chance
plugging it in? What might happen? (I don’t want to get electrocuted
or something.)



The problem with the electric coils sounds suspicious and would keep
me from using the kiln as is. I would also replace that old cord and
plug. I remember those too ! My father used to yell at me when I
would unplug stuff by yanking on the cord to pull the plug out of the
socket. Sometimes the cord came away in my hand and the plug remained
in the socket. :wink:

If all the electrics look good, there’s probably no reason not to
test it. I’d change the cord, though. I just by an extention cord,
cut off the female end, and wire it into the appliance - then you can
have the molded plug thing. To ground it just screw the ground wire
into the frame of the kiln. You should be able to test it with the
old cord, though - then if it doesn’t work you have no investment.


See if your local artist supply store can check it out or a small fix
it/handy man place can tell you.

My kiln was made in 1937 and I wasn’t. It needed the cord replaced
and it works very well.


I am not an expert, but I would think it would be safe to use the
kiln if the cord and plug are in perfect to condition.

I would strongly advice that to be on the safe side, I would have it
checked out, and if necessary have the cord and plug replaced.

If there is a ceramic supply house or a kiln dealer in your area,
they usually have someone who does repairs on kilns and can advise

If it is a small table top kiln, a cloth covered cord may be o.k.,
but anything larger should have one of the new cords and a polarized

In other words, the kiln itself would not be a problem, but the cord
may well be.



There should not be any problem with using an old kiln. Mine are
over 40 years old and still work fine. However, if you still are
nervous about it you can call Tevel at All Craft in NY and ask him
about it.

Jennifer Friedman