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Old jeweler's/watchmaker's lathe

This weekend, I acquired an old Peerless jeweler’s or
watchmaker’s lathe. I plan to use it primarily to turn small
pieces of exotic wood, legal ivory, etc., to use in jewelry. I
have also thought of using it with wax, for models to cast in

There were absolutely no instructions with this lathe. I know I
can do the small wood and legal ivory turning on it, as I have
used it before for this under the tutelage of the last owner.
The question arises about what ELSE I can use it for. Does
anyone know where a set of instructions can be gotten for this
type lathe? How about accessories? (I only have a very few
collets, and one faceplate with no mounting holes.) I realize
that it is OLD, and very little or nothing may be available.

Any about this lathe would be greatly appreciated.

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