Old casting machine crucible worn out

Hello everyone. I’ve been reading your wonderful site for a long
time and feel like I know some of you. Wish I did. I have a very old
and very small Perfection Casting Machine sold by the Cleveland
Dental Manufacturing Co. of Cleveland, Ohio. I bought it 25 years ago
from a dentist in Indianapolis for $5 (He was very kind) and it was
old then. This machine has been one of my favorite tools over the
years and I still use it. The problem is the crucible is worn out and
I don’t know where to get a new one. I have looked in several supply
catalogs, on the net, google, ebay, etc with no luck. Can anyone
help? Can crucibles be “homemade”?


Yes, here are a couple of sites which may help in your search.



Replacement Crucible for Centrifugal machines are easily available.
For US machines I know of only 4 sizes/types If it is small as you
described then there are only 2 that you have to choose from. They
are pretty reasonable and I would buy the one closest to your size.
Minor adjustment to you Cradle and Crucible holder can be made to fit

If you can check Swest or older catalogs you might find an
illustration/sketch with sizes / dimensions. This may help you
identify the one you need.

You are welcome to send me a sketch of your crucible with dimensions
so I can match up with what is available out there.

Kenneth Singh

Hi all,

Thanks to all of you who responded to my request for info on getting
a crucible for my old machine. I was able to order what I needed from
Indian Jewelers Supply Co. A really nice person took my order and she
was very helpful. I also appreciate the info on making crucibles and
intend to try it in the future.

John Spiech

dont know if this will help, but in the most recent issue of Harbor
Freight they actually have some crucibles that might be worth
looking at.