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Old Book was Historical Jewelry

I would like to acquire a copy of this book, depending on what I’d
have to do to get it:

Salin, Bernhard, 1861-1931. 
Die altgermanische thieronamentik, typologische studie Fber germanische 
metallgegenst Fande aus dem IV. bis IX. jahrhundert. Neue aufl.
Stockholm, Wahlstrfm & Widstrand [1935]	p. cm. 

There is a lot in this book about the gold-and-garnet jewelry we’ve
been discussing under Historical Jewelry. I got a chance one
afternoon decades ago to peruse it in the Library of Congress, when I
was too broke to have enough dimes to copy all I wanted to. Now I
want to OWN it. Not likely, but if anyone wants to get rid of
her/his extra copy, please let me know.

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Check out the site

I found the book you mentioned offered for $143.42 from a seller in

This site is incredible for finding out of print books. The site is
a compilation of booksellers all over the world. I have found many
books on hand engraving and Rene Lalique which are my own passion.

Good luck
Mark Maxwell
Instructor GIA

This book is available for sale via - a
very comprehensive online source for new and second hand books.
Sellers are both professional bookstores and individuals. Good luck! Eileen

Tas, Have you checked AddAll? They list two very
expensive–$143–used copies at


The book is available through abebooks on the internet for $143.42.
Go there – www.abe com and search for “Salin, Bernhard”.

I have been on the lookout for an out of print book. “Castellani and
Giuliano: Revivalist Jewellers of the Nineteenth” Century by
Geoffrey C. Munn. Would anyone have any leads on this book? Has
anyone seen this book? Thanks-Carrie Nunes

  The book is available through abebooks on the internet for
$143.42. Go there -- www.abe com and search for "Salin, Bernhard". 

Wow! Now SIX people have found this for me. I must be the only
person in Orchidland that never heard of this place. Thanks so
much, everybody. I got a copy for $53 + postage, from Sweden.
Never ordered anything from Sweden before.


Ahem. Try www.abe com and search under the author’s name. Worked
for me! :slight_smile: