Old bag of Sparex

Hi all,

While putting my studio back together I found an old bag of Sparex
pickle. I have no idea how old it is and I’m not sure it’s still any
good…so… I’m going to pick up some sodium bisulphate at the local
pool supply, having read all the good advice in the archives.Can any
of you tell me what the ratio of sodium bisulphate to distilled water
should be? I’m so grateful to all the good advice available on this
site! Many thanks,


i use about a cup of sodium bisulphite to a half gallon of water…it
works beautifully and quickly as long as the pool ph down is at
least 93% sodium bisulphite…if its less than that buy another brand.
If you want a stripping strength solution use more…basically it’s
the same as using sparex…and by the way, if you have a bag, not a
can of sparex for non-ferrous metals according to krohn, the makers,
“it never goes bad”, the cans however, tend to rust, thus adding
oxides to the pickle from the beginning…and the tech guy at krohn
has always been a jerk when i’ve called with specific questions…like
i’m trying to steal his formula…please!but you are better off with
product that has no oxides to start with as their old cans did react
with the sparex.Pool ph down is by far cheaper and the same active