Oiling a flexible shaft

TR So, where exactly do you put the oil? In all the literature,
nothing says exactly what gets oiled. Thanks for your help.


You put the oil on the coil spring inside the rubber cover check
your owners manual for exactly how for your particular model Ron

Bonnie, I dont use oil at all, I remove the cable from the
sheath and squirt a little graphite powder down inside the
sheath and then replace the cable. I do this on a regular basis
and as a matter of course whenever I buy a new machine. Brian
[From the antipodes]

Dear Bonnie, You put the oil right down the middle of the
handpiece when it is off the flexshaft… You don’t need much and
the spinning of the inner working spreads it around. Again one or
at the most two drops a year are all you need. If you notice oil
dripping out og the drill end of your handpiece you have used WAY
too much.

TR the Teacher & student

bonnie - you don’t really use oil on a flexshaft cable - i use
wheel bearing packing from an auto supply store. comes in a blue
can & it’s also blue & vey messy so put down paper before you
start. i use a thin strip of flexible plastic to scoop the blue
mess out of the can & ‘butter’ the cable with the concentration
on the end that goes back in first - the stuff will coat the
inside of the conduit along the way. a good wipe up with a
tissue & some solvent works well. (it’s cleaner if you keep the
can in a plastic bag for storage) ive

most flex cable tools don’t use oil lubricants, but a light
grease. Take the cable out of the sheath, put a light coat of
Foredom’s grease on the full length of the cable and then put in
back together. It’s best to wipe the cable down with a cleaner
first before greasing it. Pfingst flex cable tools run “dry” and
lubricating is not recommendent.

Bonnie another product that works great is white lithium grease.
Run a bead of the grease the entire length of the cable to the
handpiece. The Bearings in the handpiece are sealed and do not
need the lubrication. It can also get a bit messy by coming out
the back end of the hand piece if you get too much near the

Bonnie and others,

Well, I’m pretty sure without looking that the MOTOR has two
tiny oil holes in it. One for the top bearing, the other the
bottom. (one at each end of the motor, not including the long
tapered cable adaptor) These holes are about 1/16 of an inch in
diameter. One or two drops a year should be sufficient. But
since you now know where to put the oil, do it sparingly. Too
much oil will attract dirt.

Grease for the cable; oil for the motor.

John g

Hi: May I suggest that you contact Foredom - they publish a small
harmonica-folded instruction pamphlet on servicing their
flexible shaft. They show and tell precisely what needs to be and
how it needs to be done, with adequate line illustrations to
ascertain that it is done right. BTW, their retailer should also
have for a fewdollars a maintenance kit, with oil and greasae as
well as one replacement flex shaft.


Joe Bokor

There should be instructions with your unit and if not contact
the mfgr. Our units came with a tube of light grease for the
"flex"spring. My wife (a long time goldsmith) uses vasoline once
a year, cleaning off the old and relubing with the new. The
springs work for years and years. I would still think the mfgr.
would be the best bet.


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