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[Offer] [SF] CNC, CAD-CAM Co-Op Anyone?

Hello Orchidians,

Hopefully there is nothing inappropriate about this post to the
group, but where else would you look?

This might be a long shot, but I’m curious if there is an established
jewelry maker in the San Francisco/ Marin area that has been
considering either getting into designing via CAD and/or having their
designs (wax or metal) machined on a CNC machine. I am a 47yo
machinist leaving the field of microstructure research and entering
the field of jewelry design/ manufacture(contemporary machined
designs). I currently share shop space in Sausalito with a small
group of contract engineers and prototypers. What I would like to
find is a new home in the company of people doing what I wish to do.
What I bring to the table-

-My very cool 4-Axis CNC Mill. This is a small footprint, production
capable machine tool(30,000 RPM spindle, 20 tool changer,
metal-cutting) designed in part for the Jewelry Industry. (if you
are curious)

-Years of machining knowledge.

-CAD and CAM software and expertise.

-Training and access to someone interested in learning how to use
any of the above.

-Or, if preferred, I will draw/fabricate designs of person with whom
I am sharing space.

-Am friendly and easy going.

What you bring to the table-

-You have 50sq. ft. or more shop space (ideally with a window or
natural light) for me and my machine (footprint is only 74" x 43", is
on casters and fits through a 36" doorway).

-Have experience in more traditional jewelry fabrication (I’m looking
for occasional help/advice and/or equipment for detailed finish work,
possible stone setting).

-Are friendly and like music.

What might be possible-


If any of this interests you or you have any questions, please
contact me directly via email or phone.

Jeffrey McWhinney
McWhinney Designs
(415) 531-8519S