[Offer] Complete casting shop in Clemson

I am cleaning out a fairly complete casting shop in Clemson. Casting
machine and vacuum system built into workbenches. Other stuff I may
get rid of. Do any of you folks in or near South Carolina need any of
this stuff?

Fred Sias
fredsias at gmail dot com

To the interested folks:

I am moving and want to sell most of the massive stuff that has just
been stored for a number of years. I want to sell everything together
instead of selling off the easier to sell items and then have to
continue to store the other stuff.

The main items include a Jelenko Thermatrol casting machine and a
vacuum pump and table. (Google Jelenko Thermatrol if you don’t know
what this is.) These are built into two very heavy workbenches. There
is a third workbench with a buffer on it.

I also have Vulcanizing unit for making rubber molds. Finally, there
is a small “hot box” burn out oven made by Olympia Kilns.

A person interested in the whole works would have to be near enough
to haul it away and would have to have enough mechanical skills to do
his/her own maintenance since the Thermatrol is no longer made and
the vacuum pump is massive and old from a small manufacturer in
California. I have some other items such as flasks and sprue bases
that could be included.

Currently, my only casting activities are when I teach casting
courses in Georgia or North Carolina and both locations have the
needed equipment. I will be keeping my hand tools, molds, etc. but I
do have an extra Fordom that might be thrown in.

I am moving stuff out of the way so I won’t be able to show the
equipment for a while but we can talk about getting together in
August or September.

Please use email address frsias at gmail dot com instead of my other
mail box.


Hey Fred,

I’m don’t know if they found what they needed but on one Geller’s
news letters someone was looking for equipment.