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{off subject} Microsoft Media Manager software

Here is the web address of MS media Manager for those planning or with
image sites:

As a web builder here are a few recommendations on web design.

  1. Images need to be sharp and crisp in detail - adjustment with image
    sharpening in a good image program can enhanced focus.
  2. KISS - that’s right, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. We all get caught in
    the excitement of new page design. Keep your focus on the product, then
    the site design. Page bells and whistles don’t sell your product,
    presenting it at its best does.
  3. Use a spell checker - nothing is more of a turn-off than a lot of
    spelling mistakes.
  4. Purchase a decent web page editor - best on the market at present is
    Microsoft Frontpage '98.
  5. Use thumbnail images of your offerings and link to an expanded image
    to cut down on wait time.
  6. Register your site at the more popular search engines.
  7. If financially feasible, register a domain for your site. Cost
    presently $ 100.00 for do-it-yourselfers. Adds a more professional
    impact on potential customers.
  8. Be clear, concise, and short with written descriptions. Remember
    people lose interest quickly when bored by slow downloads.

Hope this helps . . .