Ode to Orchid

Ode to Orchid

(to be sung to the tune of Cat Stevens’ “Morning Has Broken”)

    Opals are cracking... like the first one you set,
    Emeralds are cleaving, been there done that, too.
    Here's to the setter.... who can do better!
    Gerry! Write us a letter.... to help us get through.

    Your flex shaft seems broken, and you are hopin'
    To fix it yourself... and not buy one new.
    The Archive's for searching, even if you are lurking.
    It's like having an uncle... to fix things for you!

    Check out the long texts... coming from Brain.net,
    more aptly named author... you never will see.
    Bench tips and safety, so that just maybe
    You won't blow yourself up, or put out your e'e.

    When you are befuddled, mixed up and muddled,
    Searching for info, or don't have a clue,
    Revere, Eid, and Binnion... may write their opinion,
    With links to inform and inspire you!

    So here's to Orchid! Help her continue	
    Spreading our passion... for metal and fire.	
    And here's to the jewelers, may you be happy	
    Designing and making... what you desire!	
  • M’lou Brubaker