[Ochid] Flux & Firescale


Since you have already received the very best of and
advice on proper soldering concepts from David Huffman and Peter
Rowe, I just want to reaffirm Peter’s advice on the formula and use
of Prips flux. Since incorporating it into my work several years ago
when Peter gave us the formula, I have NEVER had the problem of
firestain since.I make it an absolute in my work to make sure my
metal is clean and free of any contaminates including the slightest
of oil from my fingers, and always a good coating of Prips all over,
then get in and get out with the torch.I used to use the boric
acid-alcohol dip, but it just didn’t offer the protection of the
Prips formula. I hope you will give it a try, I assure you, you will
not be disappointed.Best wishes, John Barton