O2 Little torch on big tank

Hi Sojourner, I too would like to know some of the about
your Smith Little torch. I’ve been considering buying one but,
because I’m completely ignorant about the fittings required, I
haven’t gotten one yet. I’ll be running it off of industrial sized
bottles and I don’t have a clue what kinds of adapters I’d require.
If you want to post it off line, I’d like to have that 800 number
for Smith.

As for the folks at Rio, well I recently called them looking for a
source for Ferric chloride for etching. The lady on the phone was
really nice but completely uninformed about their product range. She
said that they didn’t carry any kind of etchants but she did send me
their tool catalog. In the catalog I found the ferric but it was
under their Rio Grande proprietary name and not listed as ferric
chloride. The same goes for several other etchants as well as
patination chemicals. The lady was seriously nice and severely
uninformed. Everything was under the proprietary name. Then I
realized that the people working the phones are primarily paper
pushers and not jewelers or chemists. They know how to sell the
tools but they don’t seem to have first-hand knowledge on how the
tools are used. Some people get frustrated with technical questions
that they don’t have answers for. That lack of knowledge makes them
appear to not know what’s going on. Maybe this was the reason for the
surly response from that particular individual. Or maybe the guy is
just a full time jerk…who knows?

In any event, my e-mail is MRHoney56@ msn.com if you wouldn’t mind
sending me the Smith 800 number. Thanks and good luck getting your
tanks hooked up.


Hi, Michael Honeycut–

You seem to have a serious case of pent-up demand. Can you really
absorb all the info you’re asking for? ;>) This is in no way a
criticism. You seem like someone who would really benefit if you
could go to something like Alan Revere’s jewelry intensive, lasting
6 weeks, I think (I’ve heard it called “jewelry boot camp”) or
something like that. Getting stuffed full of like that
would probably be very calming for you. I haven’t done this myself,
but I met a woman who had found a place near there that rents
"housekeeping" units pretty reasonably by the week or month, and
plunged in. Sounds great, doesn’t it? There must be other places
that do similear things, maybe some in less expensive surroundings.

Anyway, sounds like you’re “going to town”! Have fun!