NYC trade shows+!

Dear all, again !

First of all, don’t you all get tired of me?..:>) This setter will
be in NYC on January 22-23-24th and will be demonstrating with “Noble
Packaging, Tools and Supplies”. I will be using my own personal tools
for setting demonstrations too, please drop by and schmooze. I will
again be in NYC, on March 5-6-7th same company, same idea on a “show
’n tell”. So if you miss me one time, I’ll be there,eh? We
Canadians always use the word “eh!” just like you use the
word"cool,eh" LOL

Still not finished, I will be with Bradney Simon of the “Bench"
magazine in Spartanburg, S.C. I will be with him doing a first time
"pay-per-view” tutorial on Diamond and Stone setting for his new web
site. This will be in January 16-20. I want some Orchid company, so
lets get together,eh!.

Gerry Lewy!

First of all, don't you all get tired of me?..:>) 

Heck no, never get tired of ya…when I see your name I always read
the post. You have been very generous and I thank you.

Verna Holland