NYC tools for sale!

Hi everyone!

I just heard from my friend that he is trying to help a daughter of a 77year old jeweller who recently died. She has no idea ‘how or where’ to sell these tools, can the Orchid folks rally around her and buy them. The worst part is that the died with no insurance and how sad!

The link shows many of his tools that are now being shown in the photographs!

(Click on the link to ‘save;’ an then open up the attachment below).

Regards to everyone!

***Gerry Lewy ***


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**The link is at the bottom of the ‘original’ email.I just want to make sure that it’s been ‘seen & read’!

***Gerry Lewy ***


Hi Gerry,
I live in NYC and am interested in learning more about the tools for sale. I am not seeing the link anywhere, though — could you repost? Thanks so much,


Hi Analiese

Hi Gerry!

I am interested in the link to the tools for sale also but still don’t seem to be able to locate it. Would you please reply with it?

Thank you,


the link was is now again placed at the bottom of the ‘reply’ and here it is again!

Thank you.

The link is not showing.


Hoping that these links works better for you.

Hi Gerry-

Something’s not right because there are still no links showing. Would you be able to send the links to my email?


Yeah. There are none in your post. Can the link be put in the body of your post?

Please excuse any typos-- curse my clumsy digits…

I suspect that the links are being automatically stripped out of the email.



Let’s give this a try. If it gets lost would you kindly send me your private email address instead of the Orchid-reply method?

where is this link, I would like to see these tools, I may buy some of them myself. Regards, Richard Lucas, Lucas Dental Co. see my website

I read a little note that “GMAIL” won’t scan them for viruses, hence no attachments only my text. End of story and I can’t help anyone further. So damned sorry but my intentions were there & I feel so bad about this.

Gerry, Is there some reason why you can’t type out the link in plain text? just copy/paste the link into Notepad (or some other ascii text editor), delete the https://, add a space before the .com, then copy/paste the remainder into your Orchid post. It would look something like this:

orchid.ganoksin .com/t/nyc-tools-for-sale/56979/14

Sorry, Mary Chipman and everyone!

But I’m not into doing these kinds of computer workings. What I did was only a favour for my close friend and this is quite troubling.

BTW, I getting ready for my 3rd surgery (4-hour operation) on my Spinal canal end of March. I’m chewing on pain-killers 3-4 times a day and 2 times a week nerve-blockers, this computer thing does not help me either!..;>(

Being a life-long Dyslexic, I have enough trouble understanding your solution, let alone trying to figure out what I should do. The process of ‘cut & paste’ is totally out of my realm of understanding and Notebook & Facebook is not in my league. Let’s just leave well enough alone & I’m officially ‘closing the book on this “NYC-tools” problem’.

Sorry to be so late to the conversation. In my gmail, on a MacBook Pro, I hit command K and get this picture. image. (The picture is showing up on the right side of where I am typing and I don’t know if it will come through on this side.) It says INSERT HYPERLINK. Then, assuming you have copied the hyperlink, you hit command copy or edit copy and the link is happily imbedded in the email. I have also just copied hyperlinks in my regular gmail with no problem…no stripping. However, on this site I think Eric (the administrator?) said that such links are stripped. But then why can we put other kinds of hyperlinks in, like blogs etc. That’s my only help. Please put me on the list for sending out the list.