[NYC] Studio Jewelers School


Does anyone know anything about the Studio Jewelers School in
NYC? I was wondering if it was a good place to take classes. I
do not know anyone who knows about it


GIA is offering wax carving classes at their NY campus in Aug &
Sept. One in a 7 week format & 2 in one week formats (evening &
daytime). Their CA campus is where there main manufacturing
dept is at, but they occasionally offer classes in NY.


are you refering to METAL KITCHEN, perhaps? they’re at 113
mercer st. in SOHO, and they offer a lot of classes geared
towards art jewelery.

you can contact them at http://www.metalkitchen.com,
metalkitchen@erols.com, or call 212 334-9394.

the school is relatively new, but has been offering an
impressive line-up of instructors (including ME !!! ). i
haven’t visited the facility yet, but several people that i know
have taken classes there, without complaint.

perhaps i’ll see you there in september…

doug zaruba


The Craft Students Leage has classes in jewelry and
metalsmithing . Besides classes in metal, They also have wax
carving . They are located at 610 Lexington Ave, NYC 10022