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[NYC] [Show] Cecelia Bauer's Studio

For Orchid people in and around New York City: On Friday,
December 4 from 11:00AM to 6:00PM and Saturday. Dec. 5 from
11:00AM to 5:00 PM Cecelia Bauer’s Studio is having a show and
sale of the fine work done by students in her program. Most, if
not all, of her students are highly experienced and produce
beautiful jewelry. This is a great place to see lots of high
carat Gold and Fine Silver granulation, chains and other things
as well. Hope you can come --and don’t forget to say hello to
me, I will be there most of the time. You can identify me by my
bugs–I’ll be wearing one or two.

Address: 214 West 29 Street Sandra Buchholz
NY NY 10001 Suite 1502
Tel.No. 212-643-8913