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[NYC] Jewelry Attractions

Hi I have in lurking about watching all u intresting people out there
talk I am going to be in Newyork in mid august(am doing the GIA
diamond program)for about 10 days.If any of u have any suggestions
about what I could see galleries ,workshops, mueseums anything plz
let me know.Thanks a lot… Varda

Go to Aaron Faber Gallery on 5th Ave. It is also just down the
street from the American Craft Musuem and the Museum of Modern Art.
There’s alot of really cool galleries in SOHO too. NY, so much to
see in so little time. Great city.

Linda Lewis

Varda, The following may be of interest when you visit New York:

Metropolitan Museum and bookstore - a must see
MOMA (near Am. Craft Museum and Faber Gallery)
American Craft Museum
Aaron Faber Gallery
Valentin Yotkov Studio in Brooklyn DUMBO area
C. Bauer Studio
Hacker Books, Rizzoli Bookstore (same street, 57th?)
	47th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.
Jewelry Arts Institute
Metalliferous(good silver findings, base metal stampings, tubings, 
chain, etc.)
Allcraft (near C. Bauer on 29th St.)-  good hammers and stakes
Whitney Museum
Brooklyn Museum
SoHo area galleries and stores
5th Ave jewelry stores
too many more to mention.  Ten days is NOT enough time.

Donna Shimazu