I am looking for other jewelers and casters in this area - NYC,
Weehawken/Hoboken/Jersey City New Jersey. Right now I am at a
standstill regarding input from others when I have problems with
casting, etc. Going back to school isn’t an option, although I
would love to, since I cannot find any schools that deal directly
with metalsmithing in the immediate area. The NYC schools seem
to concentrate on art and art history.

Any takers?

Laura Evans

Laura, there’s a guy who teaches casting classes at the
Westchester Art Workshop in White Plains who also teaches at a
school in Jersey City. His name is Ken McBain, give the Art
Center a call to get more 914-684-0094.

What exactly are you looking for?


Hi Laura,

I am a jeweler in the NYC area (Queens). If I can help you out
in anything, give me an e-mail. If you are looking for schools,
sources, or anything in this area, just ask on Orchid. There are
a few of us out here and we discuss local jewelry things from
time to time.


Thanks! I JUST moved from Tarrytown (right next to white
plains) and now live about ten minutes from Jersey city. I’ll
call him!

I love this forum. For a while I thought I would never find
another artist anywhere and was feeling quite lonely. You people
are fantastic.