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NYC for sale "tools & letter"

*I’ve been trying to show the letter with the photographs of the tools. Hoping now this will work all of the contact information is listed in the letter. *

I can’t see either the tools or the letter links…

I can’t see the link either Jerry

Do you have a Facebook page? Post the info on it. I’d love to look at it all being an addicted tool sl*t

Aggie in cold (relative upon place) Florida current temp at 4 PM is 62 degrees. Had to turn the A/C off

I don’t do Facebook, neither do I have a page there. My special Facebook IS ORCHID/Ganoksin and writing for my blog. BTW, we had 25 cm’s (10 inches) of snow yesterday. I just love the white stuff and of course enjoying the changing seasons.

Hello Gerry, if you should find the photographs of the tools, could you please send it to my email address, …Thank you very much, Sincerely, Richard Lucas…LUCAS DENTAL COMPANY… www.LucasDentalCompany.Com

Is there a rolling mill? If so what is the price? Did not see letter or prices.
Thank you

I volunteer in an advanced jewelry class at our local university and students are always looking for tools…hope you can get a way figured out to post the pictures on Ganoksin…nice of you to try to help…

The casting shop I am helping to liquidate has many bench lamps, wax injectors, vulcanizers, some hand tools and thousands of models and molds.

Where are you located? Are you looking for used tools? I probably missed it but to me the message wasn’t clear.