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NYC coulture show

Hello all

I remember there were a few people and chatter on the Coulture show
at NYC showing in a mansion up town,any one in the group
participated ? would love to hear how it went,what was the outcome
and outlook it being a first time of it’s kind, and if it would be
offered again or would the people who participated look forward to
next time?

Best wishes & Happy New year to All

Hratch Babikian

I did participate in this first run of this show. I have mixed
feelings about responding, but guess I will. I think the concept as
stated is incredible! I was very excited about it.

The reality on the ground was less than I was hoping for, but…
But it was the first time. The book that Bernard, Suz, and Marsha put
together is REALLY beautiful! They did a great job on that. They
treated the artists very well indeed. They went to great lengths to
make the show as comfortable for us as possible. They were very
thoughtful in that way.

That said…the venue was really difficult! The booth spaces were
very cramped ( although exhibitor chairs were provided there simply
wasn’t room for one in my space and I stood the entire day); everyone
was required to walk up to the 3rd floor to see the entire show and,
because of lack of signage, some people never realized they’d missed
some exhibitors. Attendance wasn’t wonderful, but, again it’s the
first time.

The biggest disappointment to me…I’m REALLY, really sorry to say
this…were some of the exhibitors. It was supposed to be just the
very top, one-off studio artists. ( I was very happy to have been
included!) That quality was the one reason I was willing to add
another show…requiring: another cross country flight, creating a
display for the 6’ table each was allotted; having to set up, do the
show and pack out all in one day. It sounded worth the effort. But,
that was far from the case in some instances. There were some
displaying who either had stopped far short of that goal for
themselves or had a long way to go before they reached it. That is
going to be the biggest hurdle for the future of this show. How to
overcome that shortcoming in order to bring in the artists that they
wanted and more to the point, told the public they were going to see.
Will those of the public who did come to this first show, come back
next year? I HOPE SO! I’m sure Suz and Bernard learned an enormous
amount that will go towards improving the show for next time.

Improvements I would suggest as most important? 1. making sure that
ALL of the artists participating are what the show purports they are.
2. more space/flexibility for display. ( I was embarrassed to be
stuffed on a landing with 2 other jewelers, none of us having very
classy looking displays…I was particularly under-lit ;my fault
there). I was uncomfortable with about 18" between the table and the
stair rail and felt that I therefore looked unprofessional. Did it
look okay, was I over sensitive? I don’t know. Because there were 2
main areas of display that gave the artists a more solid aspect, I
felt…on my little landing…that I appeared like someone who wasn’t
really part of it all. It was difficult to rise to the occasion and
put on a happy face. I think I hid my disappointment.

I think the idea is great and the talent is there on both
sides…Bernard and Suz did a great job in many ways…and there
are certainly many fantastic jewelry artists who fit the bill. Maybe
next year.