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[NYC] Casters of Copper, tin, iron and lead

Hi Everyone,

I’m a visual artist who normally works with video and photography
and who knows very, very, VERY little about casting or jewelry
making. So thank you in advance for indulging me.

I had a silicone mold made of a walnut-sized, fairly detailed object
that I’m looking to have cast in a variety of materials. I went to a
caster recommended by the mold maker I used, and he did an amazing
job casting the object in brass. Unfortunately he does not cast in
any of the other materials I am hoping to explore: copper, tin, iron
and lead. So I was wondering if anyone on this list had
recommendations of anyone, ideally in NYC, who does excellent
casting work in any of these materials. I realize there’s probably
some ignorance built into this very question. For instance, I’m aware
that copper is one of the components of brass. What I’m looking for
with that material is a color somewhat similar to copper pipe

Any thoughts you may have would be tremendously appreciated! And
thanks again for bearing with a newbie!


Try Techform,


Not really a jewelry question, rather a foundry question. That
said… No one really casts pure tin, or pure copper, they may not
flow well enough to cast, aside from there being no application for
them. Pure lead these days is only cast for certain industrial
applications, for sinkers for fishing line, and for bullets.

Cast iron is a real specialty about which you’ll need to talk to a
founder who can do that. Maybe a sculpture foundry can lead you to a
cast iron foundry. I know there’s at least one bronze foundry in
Long Island City. The folks down at Sculpture House or at the Art
Students League should have an address.

Actually, your best bet might be to talk to the metal sculpture
instructors at the Art Students League. A few years ago they
completely refurbished the metal sculpture shop in the basement. If
you’re not adamant about using pure metals, then there are a lot of
casters who will cast white metal (a kind of high-grade pewter) and
various bronze alloys. Billanti Casting

Is very helpful to artists and craft jewelers. They used to be on
47th St. but have moved to New Hyde Park. As well as the precious
metals they cast in brass, bronze, white bronze and pewter.

Hi Neil,

Some of the Home foundry groups might be a better option, there are
a lot of people with interests in casting metal, nonferrous and

If you are interested I can either a) forward your request, or b)
show you where to join.

Regards Charles A.

Hi Neil,

As you have already found, jewelry casters do not cast these metals
at this time. With precious metals prices so high many are turning to
brass as an alternative metal. You might be well served looking
outside the jewelry industry for industrial casters, such as
foundries who do ornamental castings for furniture andfinials. You
could also check with metal suppliers such as Belmont Metals in
Brooklyn for a recommendation of a caster of these metals.

Good luck
Legor Usa

Try Exalibur Bronze Casting.

I worked there many years ago. The old man used to cater to amateur
sculptors and small scale craftsmen. For students he would only
charge for bronze and let them finish casting themselves, using
factory facilities.

Now, the place run by his son, so things probably changed, but it
could be still worthwhile to talk to them. They may even still have
my repousse work on display. It is a blacksmith forging a sword. 9
feet tall, 2mm aluminum. Blacksmith representing the employees of the
foundry, and the sword been the Excalibur.

Leonid Surpin