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NY: The East Coast Custom Knife Show

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to invite anyone who may be coming to NYC for the MJSA
Expo to also consider stopping by The East Coast Custom Knife Show. I
will be there in attendance during the show Fri, Sat, & Sun March
4th-6th. While most knife shows are generally not worth attending,
this is one of the top shows in the country, with some of the
biggest names in the knife industry. There will also be a good amount
of interesting supplies such as Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Black-lip
pearl, Gold-lip pearl, & Fossil Mastodon & Walrus ivories & Oosic.
This is one of the few knife shows I attend. They did change the
venue this year, so yes honestly I am a bit skeptical. The show will
also be the debut of the new book “Art & Design in Modern Custom
Fixed-Blade Knives”. So, I do hope that many of you will decide to
stop by & say hello. The show is at the Park Central Hotel. You can
check out the website: as well as my website
(newly updated) for further


John Lewis Jensen
(626) 449 - 1148