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[NY] Jewelry design lessons

Where can I have jewelry design lessons in NY? Thank you very much for
you attention Cris Koelle from Brazil

Aloha Cris, If you are interested in JewelCAD contact Dmitry. Check
out his site, He is a very successful with
this program and offers training in NY. We will be doing the upcoming
show in Brazil. If you want more on show dates or this
program (or other solutions), please feel free to contact me

Best Regards,
Christian Grunewald

The best place for design lessons and also the best buy in NY is"
Fashion Institute of Technology". It’s part of the State Univereity
of NY and has a great program. Give them a call.

Chris, You can also try the 92nd street YMCA, the 63rd Street Y and
the Jewelry Institute (where I studied) on Broadway at 77th Street.
Please e-mail me off list if you need any more info.

Best wishes,
Vera B.

check out Fasion Institute of Technology-FIT-in Manhattan. they have
a good jewelry program.