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Hi, folks, This weekend, a woman showed me a reing she had made that
looked pretty much like gold, but with a bit more of a patina-- very
attractive. She said it was an alloy with about 15% gold that used
to be available, but isn’t any more, called Nutragold or
Nutrigold…? Does anyone know about this alloy?


Yup, Rio Grande used to sell casting grain for it. It was
considerably less than 15% gold, I think it was 8%. I have no idea
what happened to it, they just quit carrying it a couple of years

It was actually not too bad looking and was commonly used in class
rings and the like - wears a lot better than gold since there’s less
gold in it.


Noel, I believe you are talking about NEW GOLD --Back at C.O.D. in
GLEN ELLEN- We cast a lot with it and it does look like gold. SWEST
CARRIED IT-And so did RIO GRANDE. There are a few drawbacks - One
of them is it cannot be pickled. Help on the rest.

Leona - Jeweler & Benchworker

 Noel, I believe you are talking about NEW GOLD 

No, if you mean Nugold, that is a proprietory brass with no actual
gold at all, I’m pretty sure, and still available. No other info on


No other info on nutragold? 

Try contacting Rio Grande and talking to one of their technical
folks. They used to sell it, up until just a few years ago.