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Numbers on kiln temperature dial

What temperatures do the numbers on the dial correspond to on an old Kerr Inlay Furnace (enamelling kiln)? They are: Low, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. I dug up my kiln but the instructions are elsewhere.… Needed urgently. Thanks.

If your kiln is like my old one, the numbers are just relative. You have to watch the temperature gauge and then use the numbers to close in on a stable setting. Look at the posts yesterday discussing ways to add a digital controller to a small kiln. Good luck…Rob

I have a different kiln but a similar dial. On mine, the numbers seem arbitrary but the amount of change does correspond to the speed of temperature increase. I had to experiment with mine to find the amount of dial change required to get the temperature changes I wanted at appropriate speeds. The temp inside the kiln also affected how much dial change was required to get the temperature increase I needed. At higher kiln temps, a larger dial change is required to get the internal temp up in a reasonable timeframe.

To Rob and Linodes,
I used it years ago for enamelling and seem to recall it kept the needed temperature without having to constantly adjust. Also seem to recall that the Instructions listed which temp you get at the different numbers. When I get a hold of the Instructions I’ll report back–but hopefully someone will have supplied the info by then…:-)…


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Hi Andy!
No–much smaller. Looks like this:

I found I was able to maintain a constant temperature with it yesterday at a single setting ie. without having to change the dial periodically.